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IT -Concepts

IT - concepts

We can put in place turnkey IT operating concepts. This begins with the hardware, the network structure, the firewall rules, security rules, name conventions and access authorisations on the server, as well as backup concepts, etc.

Depending on the requirements, a range of solutions is available as off-the-shelf concepts. The IT environment does not necessarily have to be on your premises. You can, for example, make use of a range of data processing services. This saves costs associated with server systems, hardware maintenance and IT support.

Off-the-shelf concepts are available for the equipping and securing of your entire infrastructure.
Where an IT infrastructure is entirely operated by you, our flat-rate maintenance packages can help you reduce these costs. Aspects such as this should be incorporated into a concept as early as possible.

You can retrieve effective IT concepts from us, which we continuously revise and adapt to current circumstances and technologies.

Since we can provide you with everything from a single source, operating concepts and related systems can be delivered and commissioned without delay, which cuts down on cost.

Contact us for advice. We are at your entire disposal.

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