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Maintenance packages

Maintenance packages

Keep a grip on your IT system and IT costs with our all-inclusive package: "We operate and maintain your IT – you operate and maintain your core business"

Alongside the implementation of projects, we can also provide you with your maintenance needs. We carry out maintenance work in a timely manner in order to spot hardware and software errors and carry out – or propose – preventive measures. We ensure that software and hardware is kept up to date. We also advise you on potential solutions and improvements that are tailored to your IT infrastructure.

Intel Gold Technology ProviderThe maintenance field also features processes that can be automated and optimised. From reorganisation and security processes to bespoke processes, we can provide you with information and help you implement them efficiently and effectively. Discover the savings potential associated with maintenance and reorganisation.

We offer small and mid-sized enterprises bespoke and transparently defined maintenance and IT system support packages. These packages can cover everything from one system to an entire constellation of systems.

Sage Office Line You can also ask us to evaluate your current IT infrastructure to identify any high-cost maintenance work that might need doing. These are costs that we can help you reduce. We would be happy to prepare a comparative quote.
A maintenance package covers the services described below against payment of a monthly fee; it can, upon prior agreement, also include other customer-specific requirements.

  • Installation of Windows service packs on servers and PCs, Office Line updates and service packs, Symantec product updates, firewall firmware updates
  • Installation/tool updates (Java, Acrobat, FTP, etc.) on servers and PCs
  • Monitoring of servers, backups, resources, etc.
  • Automatic extension, software extension
  • Support, maintenance and help desk services, plus documentation on existing hardware, software and PBX systems
  • Hardware cleaning
  • Website maintenance including all content editing
  • Customer-specific software and requirements

Tobit Premium PartnerIn particular:

  • Symantec, Tobit David and Sage Office Line software support contract
  • SonicWALL hardware exchange
  • Intel hardware guarantee extension

Please note that the following are not included in our maintenance packages:

  • Hardware spare parts (with the exception of firewalls, Intel hardware with extended guarantees and hardware for which a separate maintenance agreement has been concluded).
  • Repairs to damage caused by gross negligence.

Please also note that whenever you make major changes to your IT environment, the maintenance package agreement has to be updated to reflect the latest circumstances, whether you are reducing or expanding your environment. In the event of an expansion, customers with a maintenance package from us receive a special discount of 20% on the price of installing the extension.

We would be happy to prepare a tailored quote. Simply call us in and we will evaluate the price of the bespoke maintenance package; our calculations are transparent. Our all-inclusive package is designed to ensure that you keep a grip on your IT system and IT costs. We operate and maintain your IT so that you can operate and maintain your core business.

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