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Software development

Customer-specific bespoke solutions

We are able to develop software solutions that are tailored to your requirements. Our service extends to interfaces and migration tools for use between a range of applications. Thanks to our long-standing experience in software development, we are in a position to implement even highly challenging solutions.

Software development Our developers are specialists in the following areas:

  • Administration software
  • Database solutions
  • EDI solutions
  • Tobit David auxiliary software
  • Sage Office Line auxiliary software
  • Speciality software for restoration, archaeology and the conservation of historical monuments
  • CAD/CAM software for damage and condition mapping

Thanks to the logical program structure, dynamic expansions and modifications at a later date are straightforward.

Our primary development environments include: Microsoft Visual Basic®, Visual Basic DotNet®, Microsoft Access®, Visual C++® and Visual FoxPro®. Database systems are predominantly based on Microsoft SQL servers.

As a member of the Microsoft Developers' Network®, we have access to the latest developments and findings from Microsoft. This means we can keep you at the leading edge and advise you on the latest technologies.

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